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Vintage sewing patterns for the costumer, the re-enactor and the hopeless romantic. Recapture the romance of eras past with our catalog of over 1,000 historically accurate sewing patterns for the entire family.  Whether you long for the opulent attire of the Renaissance are or the feeling you get when donning an ethereal Edwardian tea gown, our catalog is sure to provide you with the inspiration and materials needed to create a new heirloom. Your favorite time is sure to be represented in our wonderfully illustrated catalog of vintage sewing patterns, hoopskirts, costume findings, reproduction needle art implements and more. Our comprehensive book selection contains numerous titles in the areas of costume and fashion history, textile history and needle arts, pattern drafting and design and life as it was long ago. Enjoy your trip back in time! 

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Harper House Table of Contents

New Items     Hint of History designs 1910s  for Girls and Ladies 
Sizing Charts

   Standard sizing charts for most of the pattern brands we carry

Men's Patterns





  Early Romanesque, Medieval and Renaissance
Colonial and Revolutionary War and Fur Trade Era

Regency Era

Civil War Era

Victorian Era
America's Old West

Edwardian Era



Hawaiian Classics

International Costuming
Hats and other finished items
Women's Patterns


 Early Romanesque, Tudor and Elizabethan
Colonial and Revolutionary War
Regency Era
American Civil War  
Civil War Page 2 
Civil War Page 3 

Civil War Page 4

Victorian Era
 Victorian Era page 2 
Edwardian Era 1900-1919
America's Old West
1920s Roaring 20s and Flappers
1930s Pre-war era
 1940s WWII and post war era 
1950s Beginning of Rock n Roll
Wedding Dresses
Hawaiian Classics
Remember When  Our own patterns not meant to be historically accurate
Hats, Petticoats and other finished items
Corset Kits and Findings
Ladies' accessories and sewing tools



Children's Patterns





Civil War
America's Old West
Girls finished items  


Bookstore for all of your costuming and reenacting needs  Listed alphabetically by title



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Timberpond Press Table of Contents for Dollmaking

The catalog for the Discriminating Dollmaker

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*All Treadle Tracks patterns have been discontinued. We have a limited stock. Please email for availability.*

Making Memories    Making Memories patterns for dolls and their clothing including patterns for male dolls and their outfits
Timepieces     Timepieces patterns for Dollmaking presented by Harper House
Treadle Tracks     Civil War and Victorian patterns for both male and female dolls

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